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Photo Project

Photo Project

Cam Scheuer Digital Literacy 3/22/18

Photo Project

The Photo Project was a fun, engaging and creative project that allowed me to capitalize on the skills I have learned through taking a digital literacy class. The theme I chose for the project is Sandwich. Sandwich consists of lots of bodies of water with a nautical style, and an antique feel, allowing a lot of creativity to go around looking for interesting places to capture and edit to make interesting photos. During this project, lots of things were put together to create a collage of pictures around the town of Sandwich. Going around town and searching for interesting and cool spots to take pictures was a fun exploration. And as for making the edits, along with making the collage is a way to express creativity and a way to capitalize on my new skills. The things that were difficult were the editing using pixlr. Pixlr is a useful site for editing picture but it is nothing that you can learn right away. This was the difficu…

Fake News


Trump has fired a nuclear bomb which is going to completely destroy the whole country of North Korea. sources say Trump is fed up with Kim Jong-un's silly antics. Trump says he would rather be playing golf then dealing with him. so he decided to end it once and for all. After chaos breaking out in the white house, rumors are spreading that Trump is planning to resign as president and Barack Obama is returning into the office.

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Website Reviews

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I don't like this website; it has bad colors, bad format, and too many unneeded adds. There is very little information for a website that talks about something that is"life changing". One sentence says "...eliminate them in your child", eliminate and child should never be in the same sentence. Overall I think it is not a good website for what it is advertising.
This website has a flow to it. It is appealing to my eyes and it interests me to read it. it has decent information, although I feel the whole idea is bad. I am a huge dog person but I feel like bringing a lot of dogs to an island due to stress from humans, kind of ridiculous. Humans take care of dogs, how will they be taken care of on an island?
I like this website. It has a clean look to it and it has a good theme. The compass on the from page is a good way to help someone who doesn't know where to go. Also the bar on the top of the pa…

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