Pano Perspective image

While creating the pano perspective image it took many tries. The process of starting the picture in the right spot and spinning the camera a certain speed was difficult. Along with having to run around the camera when you were no longer in the frame. There were about 3-4 mess-ups until a photo came out good. Another thing that was difficult was timing of people walking through the halls. If someone moves, i can ruin the photo altogether. Overall the final product is cool and fun to make.

Adobe Spark Video

Leading Lines

This photo on the beach is of a path that get narrower as it get farther away. Using this as leading lines to direct the attention to the water in the distance and my dog at the end of the path.

This picture uses the road lines to direct you right to the sunset over the cars. The road lines are wider then the screen at the bottom but narrow until they are almost touching in the distance. This points directly to the sunset leading your eyes right to it.

Rules of Thirds

In this photo o the sunset over the Boston harbor, the rule of thirds is taken place with the sun setting in the upper right intersection of the third. And also the flag in the left third. By applying the rule of thirds in this picture it helps capture the whole beauty and it put it in an artistic layout.

In this picture the rule of thirds is evident with the the car, as well as the mountains in the back left. The mountains being in the upper left third and the car being in the upper to middle right third. this helps get the whole picture together. The mountains in the back emphasize the depth and the nature in the picture.

Spark Adobe- Colorado

Point of View

This is a fishing lure that is supposed to to target Striped Bass. I chose to use this object for reason of thinking how the fish could see the lure. When the lure is in the water it floats, so when the fish bites the lure its usually from the bottom or at an angle. This lure in particular is supposed to represent a mackerel. The green and black stripes are what a mackerels patterns are like on its side. The bottom vie of the fish represents just the bottom of the fish, side view shows the pattern of the mackerel, and the front view shows the mimic of a bleeding fish. from all these angles fish are easily fooled into getting hooked and reeled in.

Lesson 6